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You may think our equipment isn't sexy,
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We provide a wide variety of printing systems, supplies and solutions that won’t slow you down. Ain’t nobody got time for the inkjet shuffle...scroll down to see our goods.



No, that doesn’t stand for Mother F’in Printers (but that would be pretty cool.) Formally, they’re known as “Multi-Function Printers.” These babies do it all...from printing, to copying, to scanning, to faxing (who faxes anymore?), to emailing. Our MFP’s are beastly machines that do all your heavy lifting!

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Desktop Printers

For those employees who are too busy to get out of their seats, give them their very own desktop printer! These little workhorses can spit out up to 35 pages per minute in color or B&W, and fit into snug spaces. A great solution for small businesses or departmental uses.



Production Printers

When you want to look really cool, or you have a sh*t ton of copies to produce on a daily basis, our production printers will do the job of both. These mammoths are not for the faint of heart - we’re talkin’ pro-duc-tion with these machines. You want high volume with tons of finishing and customizable options? Look no further.

aquos board c703b


Board meetings just became less boring with the magic of Sharp. Put your whiteboard and dry-erase markers on Craigslist and roll in the new millennium with this slick office tool! Interactive, touch-capable and app-run, we guarantee you’ll be the coolest kids on the block.


Skywell Atmospheric Water Generator

When we say we make water out of thin air, we’re not kiddin’ - this thing is legit! Partnering with Sharp, the Skywell brings the best of today’s technology together with best of water cooler-worthy gossip. So, if you’re looking for a water machine for your office, AND a good therapy session - look no further. Call us to get all the deets! 



Raise your hand if you like to shop for copier supplies! No hands? That's okay...

Don’t waste time running to the store at the last minute. Order your cartridges, toner and paper directly through our LOGAN Customer Portal. Fast, easy and delivered to you BEFORE you need it! Create your account today, and then, kick up your feet!


Full line office equipment dealership featuring SHARP, Lexmark Digital Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Facsimile. 


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